Flexo – Gravure – Offset – Digital – Label Awards

The objective of the Awards is
“To raise the standard and promote the achievements in excellence of Asian Printing”


The Awards Management can be proud of their achievements over the past nine years as we have witnessed strong growth in the level of entries and most importantly a major increase in regional print excellence.

Judging Procedures

A panel of judges is chosen by the Independent Chairman, each judge known for their thorough knowledge of the industry in areas covering print design, pre-press, substrate, inks, consumables and major printing processes.

Judging Criteria

afta-awards-groupAs the Awards are a printing competition, the principal criterion is print fidelity.

Even if an entry is cleverly designed, or novel, or unusual, all such factors are irrelevant if the print quality is not perfect (or very close to it).

The judges examine each submission for many variants such as:

  • Perfect register
  • Consistency of colour across the print & web repeats
  • Quality half tone reproduction
  • Lack of debris or imperfections (hickeys, scratches, scuffing or other similar blemishes)
  • Absence of damper marks, scum or tinting, (in the case of litho offset)
  • Perfect dot reproduction: no slur, doubling, hollow or squashed dots, tailing, dot-skip, blade drag, etc.
Assessment of Entries

The Judges have no knowledge of the entrants details as the entries in each category are coded (e.g. 22 -1 which would be entry number 1 in category 22) to prevent identification by the judges, and are laid out by support staff onto judging tables that are adequately lit by fluorescent lighting at 50000K.

Should a member of the judging team have an interest in or knowledge of a particular entry, that judge must declare it and step aside from that category.

The judging team does a basic “sweep” of the entries and places a marker on entries that they wish to examine further and set aside entries with obvious faults.

The qualities of each of the remaining entries are widely debated, until the full judging team agrees that it has a clear picture of the suitable finalists.

Each individual judge then votes for their choice in order of gold, silver and bronze awards.

Chair of Judging Panel


The Chair controls the workings of the judging activities, is available for consultation and to adjudicate on whether an entry is incorrectly placed in the wrong category or whether an entry may be judged under more that one category.

The Chairman calculates the result of the voting to determine the eventual winners and has the deciding vote in the event of a tied result.

Bob James РIndependent Chairman